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Bookfair System

We'll take your Book Fair System to the next level

A Comprehensive book fair system for Enhanced Customer Experience

Mr. Feras Al HattabManaging Director

Sanad POS Features

Integration with UBF
for book list sync


Smart Printing /
Digital Receipts

Arabic / English

On device reports /
Digital Reports


Barcode / QR
Code scanner

Offline operation
(Credit card
payment excluded)

Intuitive Reports /

Revolutionizing Book Fair Transactions: Modernizing Payment Systems

We are introducing a comprehensive system to digitize transactions within book fairs, facilitating seamless exchanges between exhibitors and book enthusiasts. Through meticulous recording of sales, we aim to compile insightful data on genre preferences, visitor demographics, and exhibitor specialties. This analytical treasure trove will guide organizational strategies, elevating the quality of book fair offerings and enriching attendee interactions. Furthermore, our solution empowers exhibitors to accept credit card payments, accommodating those from regions without easy access to local cash facilities.

Self Service Kiosk

Dashboards used for displaying overall machine status.

  • Multiple kiosks will be put out in the event to exchange cash with cards.
  • New Card Activation
  • Top up cards
  • Balance Check
  • Refund
  • Transaction Report
  • Top up Card with Cash
  • Top up Card with Credit Card


Dashboards used for displaying overall machine status.

  • Stats Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Health Dashboard
  • Operations Dashboard

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